Meerkat Misfits Slots

Meerkat Misfits slots is an animal-themed 5-reel bonus slot with a twist. The Meerkats are on the warpath and ready to wreak havoc on the enemy. The symbols are all related and cover the 5 reels and 30 paylines.

The Paytable

Some of the symbols in Meerkat Misfits require three or more matches, but a few require two or more. These are the payouts.

  • X-Ing Sign - 3 to 50 coins
  • Knife - 3 to 50 coins
  • Trap - 5 to 60 coins
  • Gun - 5 to 60 coins
  • Guard - -10 to 100 coins
  • Gazelle - 10 to 100 coins

The remaining symbols provide a payout with two or more symbols.

  • Ostrich - 3 to 200 coins
  • Coins - 5 to 300 coins
  • Meerkats and Their Jeep - 10 to 500 coins

Each of the four Meerkats is also a wild symbol. Each one multiplies prizes by 1x to 4x. They're each assigned to a specific reel ranging from 1x on the first two reels to 4x on the fifth reel.

The final symbol in this game is the Free Games scatter. It pays 2x, 10x, or 100x, applied to your total bet. It's the key to the bonus round, but more on that in the next section.

The best way to try a new slot is by doing a trial run with 10 spins to see what happens. A game RTP doesn't always tell you as much as a 10-spin test. We set the max bet of $15 and got started.

  • 2nd spin - $2.50
  • 4th spin - $5
  • 5th spin - $1.50
  • 7th spin - $5
  • 8th spin - $2.50
  • 9th spin - $22.50
  • 10th spin - $6

Seven out of 10 spins lead to a prize, which is a 70% hit rate. That's not bad at all, and definitely made us think highly of this 5-reel bonus slot.

The Bonus Features

Three, four, or five Free Games scatter triggers the free spins bonus round. This bonus round takes place over different stages.

  • 1st Stage - 7 free spins with all wilds paying 1x
  • 2nd Stage - 8 free spins with all wilds paying 2x
  • 3rd Stage - 9 free spins with all wilds paying 3x
  • 4th Stage - 10 free spins with all wilds paying 4x

You can retrigger those free spins, too. The additional free spins are awarded based on the stage, so you'd get 7 more free spins in the 1st stage of 10 free spins in the 4th stage.

Getting Started

Before you spin the reels of Meerkat Misfits slots, place your fixed bet starting with 30 cents. The max bet is $15 and is quickly set by clicking the button showing a stack of coins. Use the + and - buttons to increase or decrease your wager. You'll also want to set the reel speed using the lightning bolts.

Once you've taken those steps, spin the reels or turn on autoplay. The game isn't difficult, but you do want to adjust the settings to match your preferences.