VIPs at Digit's 7 are going to be enjoying virtual luxury, with a plethora of special VIP only perks and bonuses to choose from. They have giant bonuses for their most dedicated players, along with bonuses like weekly insurance, and priority withdrawals. You'll eventually receive your own dedicated VIP manager if you continue to deposit! The VIP manager will be available 24 hours a day. There are five levels of the VIP program along with perks your average depositor can take advantage of. We're going to go over each part of the VIP program, and discuss the benefits of every level. When you make your deposits, the casino itself will keep an eye on your account activity, and they'll review your account for VIP eligibility.

Depositor Level

This may be the lowest level, but there are still some benefits you can enjoy. You can claim up to 30% weekly insurance on your deposits on this level, which is really high for such a low level. You can redeem your comp points for cash as you earn them, and you'll be earning comp points when you place bets on your favorite games. They offer their players a birthday bonus to celebrate their special day, as well as daily free spins.

VIP Levels 1 & 2

Players who reach VIP level 1 will receive all of the previous benefits at Digits 7, in addition to up to 30% monthly insurance along with their 30% weekly insurance. They'll continue to earn comp points, and they'll receive a reel chip and daily free spins.

VIP Levels 3 & 4

Players at these levels can claim a reel chip, daily free spins and both weekly and monthly insurance, but on top of the regular birthday bonus and other lower VIP level benefits, they'll be rewarded with free gifts, and you won't even need to pay for the delivery! There is a special Loyalty Bonus you'll receive, and you'll find have your own special dedicated VIP host who will answer all sorts of questions for you at any time, so if you're wondering about the status of your comp points, or when your VIP gift will arrive, or just have some basic questions about the games featured on Digits 7s, you'll have a stable resource to use.

VIP Level 5

VIP level 5 is the top level of benefits at Digits 7, while you can continue to earn comp points to earn cash, it doesn't get any better than this. Players who reach this prestigious level will enjoy a wide array of benefits. To start things off, they'll offer you priority withdrawals. So while other players are waiting around for their winnings, you'll have access to them significantly faster, allowing you to spend them, save, them or put them back into games - it's your choice! You'll also receive several of the same perks I mentioned above, like free gifts plus they'll cover delivery. You'll continue to enjoy loyalty bonuses, VIP support, monthly and weekly insurance, daily free spins and a reel chip. Compared to other bonus programs, Digits 7 offers some of the best benefits out there. Some casinos offer more levels, but the amount of actual promotions and general benefits doesn't get much better than this!