Dragon Orb Slots

There are two things you’d expect to see in a slot game called Dragon Orb. Dragons… and orbs, right? So, how long did it take us to find those elements, and did they pay dividends when we did spot them? Find out more facts below.

What’s the format for the Dragon Orb slot game?

The game offers five reels but limits the paylines to just 10. This does mean they are easier to play on a smaller budget.

Is this a cheaper slot to play, then?

With a one-cent coin as the cheapest bet, you can certainly play from 10 cents a go, yes. As you’d expect, there are other coins to look through as well if you want to play more.

What about some special symbols landing in the Dragon Orb slot?

See if you can find a dragon orb because this is a wild icon. It is a powerful one too since it replaces everything else in the game. You cannot find any scatters here, so bear that in mind. The wild can land over reels two through four here.

We should also mention that the dragon orb isn’t an ordinary wild – it expands when it appears. It gives you a better chance of snagging some line prizes.

There is a wild bonus feature in Dragon Orb, too

We’ve mentioned the expanding wild element already, but you can also watch as it locks in position and awards you with a respin of the remaining reels. If another wild reel lands, that will also lock in place for another respin of the others. The wild can land on up to three reels, so there is a chance of three wild reels and respins, too. If you did manage to land all three wild reels, expect some prizes to land as it really doesn’t matter what might appear on reel one.

What do we think of the Dragon Orb slot game?

This is a cool game, a little reminiscent of Starburst, but still a great title to check out, nonetheless. If you love fantasy slot games, you won’t want to miss the chance to try this game.