Giant Fortunes Slots

Embrace your inner child with this legendary slot theme! It's based around our main character who is a prince, and his goal is to steal back his gemstones from the giant ogre in the village. Apart from Shrek, there have been no favorable depictions of ogres, so in this particular game, we'll be on the prince's side! The game graphics are gorgeously animated. While the graphics are not 3D, the details put into the artwork itself are pleasing to the eye and light hearted. This game was created by the remarkable team at RealTime Gaming, though, so I didn't expect anything else except quality. This game is played on five reels, and features 25 total pay lines. There are wild symbols and bonus features to spice up your gameplay, thanks to special symbols. They'll also boost your chances of success! So be ready to face the hideous orge and steal back the riches that were taken from you! This game is available to play for free in free play mode, otherwise known as demo mode.

Theme and Symbols

The game grid is laid against a village from another time. The village is quiet and peaceful looking at first glance. Everyone's house is crafted of straw and wood. There are small houses and in the distance, you can see the entrance of the ogre's cave. The mountains are seen distance in the background as well as a sunset. The grass is so green and plush, it looks like it'd be blanket-soft to the touch. They did a great job at setting the atmosphere of a peaceful little fairytale village. What I presume is the prince's house is visible on the horizon. There is a soft ambience that helps set the scene thanks to the sound effects. The ogre himself is the wild symbol, while the gem is the mystery symbol. The wild appears only on reels two, three and four, and counts for every symbol except for the mystery symbols. The gem symbol only appears on reels two, three and four in the base game, and the gem changes to a random symbol after it makes its grand appearance. The prince himself is the top paying regular symbol, and he looks like he's in the middle of fleeing from the Ogre as he carries the gem. He pays out 2000 coins for a match of five. The second highest symbol is the ominous cave entrance, where the ogre's silhouette is visible in the background. This symbol pays out 750 credits for a match of five. The third highest paying symbol is the golden coins and the fourth is the sack of coins. The low paying symbols are the elegantly designed card symbols, depicted as A, K, J, Q, 10 and 9.

Special Features

During the base game, you'll be awarded five free games if gems cover reels two, three and four. However, these free games only start after the gems have transformed into the same random symbol. While free games are active, the gems only appear on reel three. When the gem appears during the free games, the payouts are awarded and they'll turn into an oversized mystery symbol that will cover the entire reel, only for reels two, three and four which may award you new payouts. Also, an extra free game is added when the Oversized Mystery symbol makes an appearance! I loved these special features.